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“Geniuses are just losers who try harder” – Ralph Steadman

“Language is the bridge…” – Roberta Allen

“I dream that I paint, and I paint the dream,” – Fernando del Paso

“Paint seems more embedded in the cosmos than language.”— Peter Sacks

“There is no frame in writing.”— Evan Hunter

“Politics is to protect truth and beauty.”— Amiri Baraka

“I like to say ‘I write,’ or ‘I paint,’ and not ‘I am an anything.”— Susan Minot

“Why don’t you sometimes try, said the poet to the painter….Just try to show with your mute eye….”— Lawrence Ferlinghetti

“My goal was to overthrow the government…”— Jules Feiffer

“The scene today is wonderful.”—Tom Wolfe

“Because we’re dancing animals.” –Kurt Vonnegut

“All art is based on light”—Derek Walcott

You’re My Dawg, Dog Book Trailer