Join Me For a Rare Look at Author Annie Proulx’s Art

Join Me For a Rare Look at Author Annie Proulx's Art by @DFriedmanAuthor #art #annieproulx #painting

Writer-Artist Five: Annie Proulx “It is a kind of pleasurable note-taking.” ~ Annie Proulx The Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, Pen-Faulkner Award, and the Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction-winning novelist, short story writer, and journalist, most famous for The Shipping News and Brokeback Mountain, Annie Proulx is also a painter, using her artistic skills to…

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We’ve all had those head-thumping moments—coming up with the crushing argument when our adversary is long gone, remembering the ingredient left out of the casserole, the part that should have been done or installed before the part just finished with.  Many such omissions are fixable, even if at some cost or inconvenience.  But imagine writing…

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