Voilá, the latest issue of INTERFACES, internationally renowned journal of text and image. This issue focuses on format. By that is meant the vehicle selected by a creator — a writing or a painting, for example — to express her ideas.   Included is my extended essay and on-camera interview with Fernando del Paso, among the greatest Spanish language novelists of the last 100 years, who began drawing to kill time between news reports while working at the BBC and before he knew it was being exhibited alongside leading figures in the art world.  Also included is my review of “The Lehman Trilogy,” which utilizes a stripped-down set and localizes and identifies characters through language, and telescopes more than a century into a few hours. Click on the link and enjoy!

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Fernando del Paso: “I dream that I paint, and I paint the dream.”

With the 2015 award of the Cervantes Prize, Fernando del Paso’s place among the greatest of Spanish literary figures was cemented.  Acclaimed as both novelist and essayist, the Surrealist-influenced del Paso was also an internationally exhibited artist whose work, both in ink and paint, offers precisely rendered, dream-like images that juxtapose and merge the real and the fantastic.  

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