Preferring anonymity as an author, Lawrence Lariar edited and authored dozens of books including mystery novels under, among others, the pseudonyms Adam Knight, Michael Stark, and Michael Lawrence, and was a popular cartoonist in his day–over the years turning out gag cartoons, spot drawings, comic strips, and political cartoons for Colliers, Young American Magazine, and the New York Journal-American—and for twenty years was cartoon editor of Parade Magazine.

Charles Johnson, National Book Award winner and cartoonist credits Lariar telling him as a boy that Johnson’s father was wrong to tell him that he couldn’t be a cartoonist because he was black, that he could be anything he wanted.

Although Lariar didn’t make it into The Writer’s Brush: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture by Writers, more than 200 great writers did, along with more than 400 plates of their artwork and the stories behind them.


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