Lawrence Ferlinghetti is turning 100!

Legendary poet, artist, publisher and social activist Lawrence Ferlinghetti will celebrate his 100th birthday on March 24.

My on-camera interview with him in 2001 has been edited into a four minute homage by Michelle Memran, producer and director of last year’s critically lauded film “The Rest I Make Up.”

After producing no fewer than 30 books of poetry and prose, including the million-selling “A Coney Island of the Mind,” the indefatigable Ferlinghetti has just written a new novel. Doubleday editor Gerald Howard said it’s “like nothing I’d ever read before… a closing statement… the life he’s crammed into those 99 years.”

Enjoy Ferlinghetti showing his paintings and reading his painting-related poems here:

You can read more about Ferlinghetti and his art in the  The Writer’s Brush: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture by Writers where you’ll find more than 400 plates of artwork by great writers and the stories behind them.

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