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Tom Wolfe Interview

“The scene today is wonderful.” ~ Tom Wolfe To find out more about Tom Wolfe and other writers, check out The Writer’s Brush: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture by Writers for more than 400 plates of artwork by great writers and the stories behind them. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Medium, YouTube, Goodreads, and please sign up for my blog! You can purchase The Writer’s Brush and other books…

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The Fury and Tenderness of Author Joshua Braff’s Art

The Fury and Tenderness of Author Joshua Braff's Art by @DFriedmanAuthor #Fury #art

Joshua Braff, Author and Artist: “When I was thirteen, I was invited by a friend into a home in South Orange, NJ, that had many Color Field and New York School abstract paintings. There were works by Gottlieb, Motherwell, Steiner, Christensen, Poons, and Frankenthaler. Fury and Tenderness I could see warmth and artistry in them, but also…

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Writer-Artist: Lawrence Lariar

Preferring anonymity as an author, Lawrence Lariar edited and authored dozens of books including mystery novels under, among others, the pseudonyms Adam Knight, Michael Stark, and Michael Lawrence, and was a popular cartoonist in his day–over the years turning out gag cartoons, spot drawings, comic strips, and political cartoons for Colliers, Young American Magazine, and…

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The Merriest of Merry Pranksters: Author Ken Kesey’s Art

The Merriest of Merry Pranksters: Author Ken Kesey's Art by @DFriedmanAuthor #Merry #KenKesey

Writer-Artist Three: Ken Kesey The Merry Prankster The merriest of the Merry Pranksters, author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and Sometimes a Great Notion, icon of the counterculture, Ken Kesey told me he’d been an artist since his youth and that in 1965 during a five-month imprisonment for pot possession how he’d combined…

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Kurt Vonnegut Discussing His Artwork

A few days ago was the anniversary of Kurt Vonnegut’s death, and I was inspired to post this interview I did with him—rare insofar as it’s devoted to discussion of his artwork. At the time, I was researching and interviewing writer-artists for my book, The Writer’s Brush: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture by Writers and Vonnegut proposed I…

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Dawg blawg

Although I had tried to make The Writer’s Brush: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture by Writers as comprehensive as possible, as I acknowledged in the preface, I knew that with new writer-artists appearing every day that it would be out of date as soon as it was published.  Omissions were partially rectified with two large exhibitions…

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We’ve all had those head-thumping moments—coming up with the crushing argument when our adversary is long gone, remembering the ingredient left out of the casserole, the part that should have been done or installed before the part just finished with.  Many such omissions are fixable, even if at some cost or inconvenience.  But imagine writing…

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Rabid Dogs of God

The ongoing post-publication additions to “You’re My Dawg, Dog: A Lexicon of Dog Terms for People.” Dogs of God An art card designer in Sarasota emailed the untrue, ostensibly humorous claim that the etymology of Dominicans (as in Friars) is Domini canes or “dogs of God.” It’s untrue because the eponymous order was founded by Saint Dominic…

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Hungry Dogs in the Cellar Nip at Civil Liberties

Looking for a bedtime sedative one night last week, I found The Switch, a streamable 2010 by-the-numbers comedy. In it, a mentoring character played by Jeff Goldblum admonishes Jason Bateman’s character to stop suppressing feelings he doesn’t want to deal with. In the muck of bad writing sparkles a gem: “Beware,” he says, “hungry dogs in…

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